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"You make me happier than I ever thought I could be, and if you let me,
I will spend the rest of my life trying to make you feel the same way.

This is YOUR Day, YOUR Ceremony!!  Look at some of these Ceremony Rituals and see which may reflect you two - Who you are!

Wedding Ceremony Rituals are about expressing yourselves, your happiness, your commitment, and are about building your marriage bond!! 


In a wedding ceremony, your Rings Exchange and Vows are rituals! Which others celebrate your love for each other?!

Wedding Ceremony Rituals

 The Unity Candle – Together, the Bride & Groom light a large “Unity Candle” with individual candles (lite either before the ceremony, by the parents or by Mitch, or…). Then the Bride & Groom either blow out their individual candles, or leave them lite, symbolizing each, and their union. Some couples have their Unity Candle personalized.  Variations: Each Guest is given a candle, and the flame is passed along until all are lit (one-by-one; one flame/side; 4 corners), off of which the Bride & Groom light their Unity Candle. Proclaiming that this Ceremony represents the unity of friends & family in this marriage is usually included.  Mothers (the Life-Givers) can light the first candles.


The Rose Ceremony – The Bride & Groom exchange roses (and/or: the families exchange roses; Bride & groom exchange roses, then present their mothers with the roses; the Bride and Groom exchange roses with their families; roses are placed on the stone, or the Bible or other meaningful item – such as in front of a photo of a beloved deceased family member).


The Wine Ceremony – The Bride & Groom each take a carafe of 1 or two wines and pour into a single Goblet or Wine Glass, which they each then drink.

The Water or Sand Ritual -  The Bride & Groom each pour a different colored water (or sand) into a bowl, or glass, shell or carafe… Creating a third color or blend.


Breaking Bread –  The Bride & Groom tear off pieces of bread, ad then each eat a piece. They may share with family.


Celtic Oathing Stone – Vows are said with the Bride & Groom’s hands on a stone to “set their Vows in stone.”


Irish Bells – Greeters (or Groomsmen) hand out tiny bells to the guests to ring during the Ceremony, depending on when you want them rung (end of reading(s); end of Vows; @ Kiss; @ end). Good to explain in your program when the bells are to be rung. Bells can also be rung @ the reception (in leu of clinking glasses). Variations: The bride & Groom ring a large bell together… Keep the bell forever, to ring to stop bad energy!


Salt Ceremony -  An Indian wedding tradition wherein the Bride & Groom pass a handful of salt between them without spilling any   they exchange the sale three times. The Bride then performs the salt exchange with all the members of the Groom’s Family, symbolizing her blending in with her new family.


Garland or LEI Ceremony – The Bride and Groom exchange flower garlands or leis.  Called Varmala or Jiamala, as a common element of Indian weddings, this represents the Bride’s proposal & the Groom’s acceptance. It also represents nature blessing their union. Also, may have the families or parents exchange. Leis represent love, respect, and family unity.


Circling – In Eastern Europe ceremonies the Bride & groom, as their first steps together as Husband & Wife, circle the altar three times. In Hindu ceremonies, couples circle a fire seven times, sealing their bond. The unbroken circle represents the Couple’s unbreakable, eternal commitment to each other.  


Broom Jumping – An African-American tradition where the family places the Broom on the ground, the Bride & Groom jump over it together. The broom ca then be used to decorate their home.


The Lasso Ceremony – Lasso/rope, Rosary Beads, or Orange Flowers placed around the Bride & Groom’s shoulders (By Officiant, or other person.)

Contact me today to talk to me about your completely customizable wedding: (916) 247-1655.

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” – Mignon McLaughlin

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