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Same Sex Weddings – Civil Unions – Domestic Partnerships

I have often been asked whether I would officiate a same sex wedding.  YES ABSOLUTELY!!   It is my pleasure to officiate a same gender weddings / civil union.

Discover The Magic Inspiring Your Love!  And learn"why" You Two Are"meant To Be"! 

Your Guests will love who you two are for each other.. And you will love hearing your Romantic Tale(c), and the little personalized items I will sprinkle throughout your Ceremony to make it very positive, personalized, fun and memorable!!

My unique Inspirational Wedding Officiant services will empower and support your marriage... Forever!

August 17, 1977: The California Legislature passes a state statute restricting marriage to different-sex couples. Governor Jerry Brown signs the bill into law.  On June 28, 2013, a stay of effect was removed from the federal district court decision and same-sex marriages were able to resume. Same-sex couples began marrying later that day. Before the passage of Proposition 8, California was only the second U.S. state (after Massachusetts) to allow same-sex marriage.  Since that time thousands of same gender couples have been joined in matrimony.

LGBT Weddings - Ceremony Officiants is proud to serve all couples, and performs weddings for gay and lesbian couples every week.

Gay wedding ministers, gay wedding officiants, lesbian wedding ceremony ideas and gay wedding ceremony help for same-sex couples.

Planning your same sex wedding ceremony will be a process that is joyful, liberating, and comforting. ... Reach me through the contact page and let's get started!

My unique Inspirational Wedding Officiant services will empower and support your marriage... Forever!


Love is Love!

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Testimonial from One of our Many Happy Couples.

Brad and I were married by Mitch W Mitchell Darnell in 2008. He is an extraordinary person and created a great foundation for us to become married. I unconditionally recommend him for your Wedding!"
David Larson


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