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Some of my InspirationWedding Couples tell me..



Brad and I were married by Mitch W Mitchell Darnell in 2008. He is an extraordinary person and created a great foundation for us to become married. I unconditionally recommend him for your Wedding!" David Larson

We just had our wedding in June and we had Mitch as our officiant. He officiated such a beautiful and personalized ceremony! He took the time to get to know us and learn about how we met and was always willing to help during the whole process. He incorporated our love story and the experiences and traits that shaped the each of us, and how that brought us together. We got many compliments from our guests. He's amazing at what he does!" ~ Freddie & Nicole ~ June 2017


"Wow Mitch!!  Just WOW!!  Jason and I were excited about our day because of getting to know you, you’re so cool. But we didn’t expect you to really get us and talk about us so beautifully!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!!” ~ Marci and Jason ~ (June 2017)


"Mitch, we are so fortunate to have met you.  Thanks so much for working with us before the wedding; it brought us closer than before. The ceremony has been wonderful and appropriately set the stage for our continued life together!" ~ Hunt & Gary ~ (February 2017)


"Mitch was our wedding officiant in June 2015 but ended up being more like family. From day one he was so welcoming and taught us more about ourselves than we knew. He was so helpful during our wedding rehearsal and on the big day. Making sure we were okay and had everything we needed. During the ceremony everyone thought he was a friend of ours because he knew so much about us making our Ceremony very personable.  I would highly recommend Mitch!! You won’t regret it." ~ Ken & Shelva ~ June 2015


"Dear Mitch, Thank you for your lovely ceremony!  It will be a memory we will never forget, and we are so honored you could help us create such a beautiful start!" ~ Emily & Dale ~ June 2015


"Hi Mitch, thank you for all you did to make our wedding amazing!  Those exercises we did when you met with us helped us a LOT!  Made us fall more in love!  You were amazing!" ~ Ashley & Tyler ~ June 2015


"Man, Delia and I cannot thank you enough!  A Spanish~English Ceremony with all of our crazy friends and family!  Mitch, you were a Champ!  We're MORE in love from our meetings with you, and the way you do a ceremony is truly amazing!!  Thank you, thank you, Thank you!!" ~ Arturo & Delia ~ May 2015


"Mitch, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!  We're still hearing, two months later, how amazed and touched our Wedding Guests were!  Juli and I watch our video over and over, hearing our romantic story!  Mitch, you have an incredible amazing talent!  We will forever benefit from our meetings with you and we just can't say "Thank You" enough!" ~ Elenn & Juli ~ April 2015


"Thank you so much for being our Officiant, it has been a great process and experience with you!!  We appreciate you personalizing our day, and we do hop you stay in touch!" ~ Jessika & Martin ~ February 2015


"Mitch, from the moment we witnessed you perform Scott and Janine's InspirationWedding, we knew that you were the perfect fit for our Ceremony!  Thank you for helping us to have our dream wedding!  When we renew our Vows again, maybe you can officiate as Batman!" ~ Lori & Tim ~ {August, 2015}


“‘The coolest wedding EVER!!’ That’s what I keep hearing from my friends, Mitch! Everyone keeps asking me where we found you!” ~ Amanda & Gary ~ {November, 2013}


“Thank you again for creating such a great ceremony for us! It was a big hit!” ~ Michelle & Keith ~ {October, 2013}


Mitch, Thank you so much for making our ceremony wonderful! We are so happy that you were a part of our special day/ your stories and kind words really added the personal element we were looking for, and we know that our family and friends enjoyed it as well. We plan to keep you updated on our life together, and please stay in touch as well! ~ Eric & Stephanie { October, 2013 }


"Dear Mitch, We really can’t thank you enough for making our ceremony so perfect. It was such an emotional, wonderful moment for us, and you were the most amazing guide through it all. We had such a great time meeting with you. We learned even more about each other, and talking with you further convinced us that we truly are soulmates! We couldn’t have asked for a better experience!" ~ Jim & Jennifer { May, 2013 }


"Dear Mitch - Thank you for making our wedding truly personal and fun, while helping us to sincerely express our deep and abiding commitment to one another. We now want more time to visit with you, apart from our Wedding work we did together!" ~ Ron & Mary { September, 2012 }


"Mitch was such a keystone in our ceremony and starting our marriage on the right foot. He went out of his way to make our day come together. I can't say enough about this man, if your getting married you should consider him."  ~ Alex & Leslie {June, 2012} 

Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.  - Nicholas Sparks

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