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Therapeutic Relationship Coach

Most relationship challenges consist of family, business, romantic, neighborhood and community and are not nearly as complex as we make them!

My Clients overcome the “shoulds”, the beliefs, the traumas and hurt feelings that can impede communication, love and joy. We depersonalize dynamics, empowering each Client thoughts and actions.

Clients who resonate with my Relationship Consulting services are not interested in in being diagnosed as “sick” or “broken”, or in developing a co-dependent relationship with a Therapist.


My Clients understand that they can and deserve to succeed, and are ready to seize their innate power to survive and thrive!


It is time to feel good about yourself and your relationships!

 * 5 Sessions-And-Under *

You can immediately experience relief, success and insight! 

 * Socratic Method & Jungian Humanistic Practice *

You are strong, capable and lovable..

You are NOT "Broken"!


You deserve to experience joy, success and love!

I'm humbled and blessed by a unique Life which inspires me to be in service to others..

I help people to expediently get past the stories and barriers to realizing their path toward full self-expression and centered, healthy, happy living! I was a Single Father until my son reached adulthood, while dealing with an incredible number of traumas and challenges, starting with my having Epilepsy. I'm an athletic intellectual ("Nerd") who is blessed to have a solid spiritual grounding and focus. This leads me to a Life of Naturopathic, strength-based, Humanistic therapy, coaching and writing.

I'm incredibly blessed, and committed to inspiring others!

Text, call, or email me via the contact form below..


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