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AccentGlobal - Global Outreach for Communities

Our planet shrinks daily. No longer can we choose to ignore policies and entities that are eco-destructive, and/or otherwise abuse humans or animals.  Folks,  it ALL is now  “in YOUR neighborhood”!

AccentGlobal is a developing non-profit organization which is engaging some of our tremendous human, political and business resources to combat and terminate some of the ills that haunt our planet.


Inspired by an association with CEBOFIL in Bolivia, AccentGlobal is committed to regional and international volunteerism development. Participants will gain career-relevant acumen and connections,  experience, and tremendous growth in self-esteem and personal awareness. Every participant will be held to the highest standards of respect and behaviour, and will be involved in programs and activities which positively impact his or her goals.

As of Spring, 2018, AccentGlobal is actively developing The League of Heroes Inspired in California, USA.. Our programs will circumvent political and personal limitations and powerfully impact victims and systems deserving health and well being. Bi-Partisanship and integrity dominate the mission and logistics which guide AccentGlobal into international leadership and an enduring global legacy.

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